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Mistletoe Removal in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Is mistletoe growing in your Fort Walton Beach, FL yard? Although mistletoe has a place in holiday gatherings and celebrations, when it starts to grow out of control, you need a skilled arborist to come in and nip the problem in the bud. And that's precisely where Backridge Tree Service, Inc. can help.

Act Now

Although mistletoe can take years to mature and cause damage to trees, once you discover a problem on your property, it's best to address it as soon as possible. At Backridge Tree Service, Inc., we offer affordable mistletoe removal services for home and business owners across Fort Walton Beach, FL. We pride ourselves on our outstanding work ethic and commitment to customer satisfaction. We don't believe in cutting corners; instead, we take the time to thoroughly remove mistletoe, no matter the scope of the problem or size of your outdoor space.

For more information about our mistletoe removal services or to schedule your appointment, call Backridge Tree Service, Inc. today.


Teaching Arboriculture

Certified Arborists Rob Calley and Travis Morales teach high school students about arboriculture.