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Fort Walton Beach, FL


Tree Permits in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Adding trees to your property may not be as simple as you'd think. In some cases, you may need a permit to plant new trees. So if you don't want to deal with the paperwork and process involved, turn to Backridge Tree Service, Inc.. We can obtain and facilitate tree permits for customers in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

At Your Service

At Backridge Tree Service, Inc., we understand that your time is limited, but that shouldn't stop you from having the landscape you want. When you come to us for tree permits, we'll take the time to do the job right. And if your permit is approved, we can help you select and plant the right trees to enhance your exterior.

If you need a tree permit in Fort Walton Beach, FL, our team is ready to help. Call today for more information or to arrange our services.


Teaching Arboriculture

Certified Arborists Rob Calley and Travis Morales teach high school students about arboriculture.